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Juta Takahashi: Albion (LR014)





Radiant and majestic ambient music painting the beauty of Britain.

The eleventh album of Juta Takahashi, entitled "Albion", has been released in April, 2017. The album consists of following five long-form ambient tracks.

1. Silver Waves (13:52)

2. Frozen Day (13:18)

3. Shining Valley (14:56)

4. Maeve (13:58)

5. Summits (16:28)

The photograph, "Serenity", for the album jacket by Simon Evans aka Capturing-the-Light.

This work is dedicated to Shukichi Urushiyama.


Released on April 26, 2017.

Track description of 'Maeve':

Waltz for Maeve, Lee Anthony Norris' beautiful daughter.









"Albion" is currently available as factory-pressed (glassmastered) CD.





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